Children’s Dentistry

Safeguard Your Child Precious Smile | Children’s Dentistry


It is important to establish proper oral hygiene in children as soon as baby’s teeth come out, and visiting your dentist frequently is a good way for optimal dental care. Fortunately, RIVERSIDE DENTAL can help to minimize the chances for common teeth-related problems and evidently helps in adopting good oral health habits. By bringing your child into the care of our specialist, you can avoid uncomfortable cavities and other problems that are caused by poor oral hygiene.

Since the organization is being managed by a team of professional doctors & friendly staff and highly experienced in handling the specific dental needs of children, as a parent, you won’t be disappointed with the promising services that we cater as per the individual needs. That’s why investing in RIVERSIDE DENTAL is more like investing in an impeccability that doesn’t disappoint the parent expectation.

“With Us, Kids Dental Care Can Be Fun” – RIVERSIDE DENTAL has built their office around the young patient and have taken an optimal measure to deliver a pleasurable dental experience. With home-like experience and friendly staff, your children will be convinced and more occupied to wait.

Our children’s dentistry service includes:

• Dental Exams using Digital X-ray – In the dental exam, our dentist will evaluate the child teeth condition and risk of disease like tooth decay, cavities, etc. via digital x-ray and other diagnostic procedures.

• Kids Dental Check-ups – This includes evaluating your child’s oral hygiene and existing teeth conditions, including drinking and eating habits, and risk of tooth decay or associated problems.

• Fluoride Treatment for Children Teeth – Fluoride is safe and acknowledged by leading dental associations around the globe, and broadly used to prevent cavities and tooth decay.

• Crowns for Children’s Teeth – Crown may be used for primary (baby) teeth and is globally accepted to replace missing teeth and strengthen the remaining teeth. The crowns are generally made of stainless steel and are designed to function like your natural teeth.

• Tooth Extraction in Children – The treatment is viable in certain conditions when a child needs to have a tooth extracted in order to avoid painful or damaging bites inside the mouth.

• Ceramic Fillings For Kids – Ceramic filling emphasis to create a more pleasing smile that mimics the appearance of natural teeth. The treatment is a practical approach to repair missing, damaged, worn, or decayed teeth.