Preventive Care

Preventive Care for Children and Adult – Reap the Benefits of Hale and Healthy Smile


Preventive dentistry, just like its name hallucinates, is a practice for keeping your teeth in good condition and its extremely beneficial to avoid teeth & gum problems like cavities, gum disease, etc. at the beginning stage. One wouldn’t deny the fact that decent oral health starts with you i.e. the moment you develop a manner to keep your mouth free of disease and decay. Hence, understanding the implication of proper oral hygiene lays the foundation for a healthy smile.

Since decay and gum disease are the common causes of tooth loss, consulting with doctors amplifies your chance to maintain good teeth condition for lifetime. In addition to this, regular preventive care encompasses two-fold benefits such as:

(a) It Saves Your Money in Long-Run. A tiny investment in preventive care spares you from expensive dentistry. In preventive care, a dentist usually does a proper rundown on your teeth and thoroughly examine to remove the plaque and tartar. They further prescribe you a suitable measure to restore balance. In most of the cases, major problems were found in early states. Thus, ensuring you a prompt dental medication and also saves you from costly treatments like filling or extraction.

(b) It’s A Gateway To Maintain Good Oral Hygiene. Good dental hygiene minimizes the risk of cavities, heart disease, osteoporosis, respiratory disease, and plaque. Our dental team will personally demonstrate how to floss, how to clean and the best way to brush. In addition to all these, you’ll be also told which oral care is best for optimal cleaning.

Who Can Benefit from Preventive Care?  Preventive Dental Care is beneficial for people of all ages; particularly children when it comes to strong & healthy teeth. And if you are an adult, preventive care will help you to preserve your real teeth for a long period of time.

At RIVERSIDE DENTAL, we strive to be exceptional in every aspect of dental and aim to deliver the best in class preventive & restorative dentistry among the best doctors and state of the art dental technology. Ever since we incorporated, we have kept the zing to be called a trusted brand for preventive care with a positive experience. The factors which portray us as a reliable dentist in Yonkers NY are:

  • Comprehensive dental care under one roof – Including preventive care, we also specialize in restorative, cosmetic, emergency, and orthodontic
  • Our team devises a personalized treatment plant to maintain/restore excellent dental health.
  • ‘One Center Trusted Vastly’ for simple dental check-up to complex restorative care.
  • Patient-oriented dental care – Our dentist first understands the individual need and then brings you a viable solution.