Family Dentistry

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Family dentistry provides complete oral health care to people of all ages, from babies to senior citizens. At Riverside Dental in Yonkers and Thornwood, New York, family dentist and oral surgeon Gemini Master-Patel, DMD, and her team offer various family dentistry services, including preventive teeth cleaning, digital panoramic X-rays, and dental sealants. Call the nearest Riverside Dental office today to schedule a family dentistry appointment or book online.

I’m pregnant, should I consider family dentistry?

Yes. If you’re pregnant or recently had a baby, finding a family dentist is one of the best decisions you can make. If your child receives routine dentistry from the time they’re young, they’re less likely to experience oral issues.

The Riverside Dental team’s knowledge and expertise can help keep you and your loved one’s smiles healthy and problem-free for years.

What services does family dentistry provide?

The Riverside Dental team offers various family dentistry services, including:

Digital X-rays

Riverside Dental has a 3D panoramic digital X-ray machine onsite. The machine takes detailed photos of the tooth roots, jaw, and alveolar bone (the bone in the upper jaw that anchors the teeth).

Digital X-rays can identify underlying issues and help guide treatment, including dental implant placement.

Oral exams

During an oral exam, your Riverside Dental provider examines your mouth, looking for signs of cavities, gum disease, and other issues. If they notice an abnormal growth, they can collect a sample and order additional testing.

Dental sealants

Dental sealants are thin plastic linings applied to your teeth. The sealants block harmful bacteria from reaching your enamel, reducing the risk of cavities. 


Orthodontics is a family dentistry subspecialty used to treat alignment issues, like crowded and crooked teeth or a misaligned jaw. The Riverside Dental team offers orthodontic treatment with Invisalign to teenagers and adults. 

Laser dentistry

Laser dentistry uses highly concentrated light energy to treat issues like gum disease or plaque build-up. The Riverside Dental team offers treatment with hard and soft tissue dental lasers. Compared to traditional handheld dental tools, laser dentistry presents few risks and allows for quicker recovery.

Treatment of periodontal disease

Periodontal diseases, like gingivitis and periodontitis, are the leading cause of tooth loss. Treatments like scaling and root planing or antibiotic therapy can stop the infection from spreading and preserve your smile.

The Riverside Dental team tailors family dentistry to your and your loved one’s needs.

What if I’m visiting the office for the first time?

If you’re visiting Riverside Dental for the first time, arrive 15 minutes early so you can fill out new patient paperwork and other documents. Let the team know if you or your child have dental anxiety. The providers strive to provide a warm and relaxing experience.

Call the nearest Riverside Dental office today to schedule family dentistry, or book your appointment online.